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Kayak Rental Vs. Jet Skis: Which Is Better?

Technically, summer is ended and fall has started. But the best thing about Long Beach Island is that it never feels like the good times are over! Even if there may still be a few wet days, the weather is still warm enough to make it a perfect time to head out onto the ocean and take in the sights all around us whenever the sun shines. Now, generally speaking, we think it’s a good idea to get out on the water in any way you can—within reason, of course. We won’t stop you, though, if you can get a school of fish to take you around Long Beach Island. However, the majority of visitors favor more practical approaches to discovering Long Beach Island. “Which is better, kayaks or jet skis?” is one query we frequently hear.

Make No Demands on Us!

It’s challenging to ask us to decide between kayaking and jet skis, to be completely honest. They both are excellent choices on their own terms! Comparing the two is, however, like comparing apples and oranges since, while both are healthy foods, they provide distinct nutrients. In this scenario, going on a kayak trip and a jet ski adventure is both a ton of fun. There’s a reason we offer a “Do It All” package that enables you to rent a jet ski, a kayak, and a parasail on the same day.

Jet Ski Vacations

Jet skis are the best option if you want to experience the wind in your hair and the adrenaline of speeding over open water. With a jet ski rental, you have the flexibility to enjoy the waves and explore all that Jet Ski Madness has to offer, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and several inland waterways. Additionally, you are not required to remain in Long Beach Island. Jet skis can be used to travel along Highway 1 to Long Beach Island while skimming past the other keys.

Kayak Adventure Tours

Jet skis offer the same freedom as kayak rentals and tours but at a slower pace. Renting a kayak actually gives you more freedom than using a jet ski does. Kayaks can enter many waterways that jet skis cannot since they are smaller, shallower, and unpowered. Kayaks will enable you to travel farther and navigate occasionally constrained passageways more readily if you wish to make your way through the mangroves. The only live coral reef system in North America is also accessible with a kayak rental. A kayak will enable you to get closer while doing it in a manner that is better for the reefs if you want to spend the day snorkeling around the reefs.

Because they provide such disparate experiences, we continue to believe that neither jet skis nor kayaks are superior to one another. Try out both choices rather than making a decision! Connect with Jet Ski Madness and Adventure to do it all, or go on a jet ski excursion one day and kayak around the Jet Ski Madness the next. Today, book your adventure online!