Six Steps for Getting a Jet Ski Ready For Summer

Six Steps for Getting a Jet Ski Ready For Summer

Personal watercraft (PWC) owners have eagerly waited for this time of year. No more waiting is necessary. The time has come to rouse them from their winter hibernation as summer approaches. The steps you must follow to set them up and running are listed below. Browse around this site.

Other Stuff

Checking the fuel line and cooling lines should be your first step after removing your cover. Make sure there aren’t any leaks or cracks that may have formed throughout the winter. You can become stranded on the water very quickly if your fuel line breaks. While you’re about it, ensure sure all the belts and wiring are secure and free from damage. Replacing as necessary.

The exhaust pipe should then be cleaned of all dust. While you’re at it, apply a thick layer of wax to the exterior.

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Non-General Matters

You should now focus on a few particular issues.

Refill the machine with new oil and gas after draining any gasoline and oil that were left in it during storage. Ideally, you should stabilize or treat the gas with a marine fuel treatment. The fuel treatment’s detergents will aid in clearing the system of any deposits that could have formed during the winter.

Look for corrosion or moisture on the spark plug. The wetness might not be an issue if you covered it throughout the winter, but rust might be.

Seal and grease each bearing. This makes sure that debris and impurities don’t enter the engine where they shouldn’t.

Don’t overlook your batteries last. Verify that it is completely charged. You can leave at this point.