03 - price of a sea-doo

What Is the Price of a Sea-Doo?

The price of a personal watercraft (PWC) is determined by its performance level, construction quality, and any other features it may have. The largest selection of PWCs is offered by Sea-Doo, which is well renowned for its inexpensive costs without compromising on quality. Prices for Sea-Doo models range from $5,999 to $20,999 in 2023. The introduction of two new personal watercraft models, the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170 and the Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex 300, will be the most significant shift for Sea-Doo in 2023.

The Explorer Pro 170 from Sea-Doo features a full-sized platform, a big touring bench seat, an enlarged back deck, and gunwale footrests. For long distance or open water activities, the new Explorer Pro offers plenty of storage and big-water stability. Additionally, it boasts a full-size detachable windshield and a steering column that can be adjusted vertically, both of which are firsts for the industry. A large, sturdy front bumper, a LinQ cargo rack, an Explore Bag, and a rear platform with several LinQ mounts that can accommodate up to 6 additional accessories are among the other features.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex 300, which was only available via pre-order at the end of last year, raises the bar on performance with its striking design, carbon fiber accents, 300 horsepower 1630 cc three-cylinder engine, and a host of innovative features. Additionally, it improves control and precision in open water circumstances by using a steering damper that is a first for the industry.

Prices for Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft in 2023

Recreational PWC

The most affordable and lightweight watercraft available with plenty of power for pulling tubes or a water skier. 

  • SPARK 2 UP – Starting at $5,999
  • SPARK 3 UP – Starting at $7,299
  • SPARK TRIXX 2 UP – Starting at $8,199
  • SPARK TRIXX 3 UP – Starting at $8,799
  • GTI 130 – Starting at $10,699
  • GTI SE 130 – Starting at $11,499
  • GTI SE 170 – Starting at $12,099
  • WAKE 170 – Starting at $12,899
  • WAKE PRO 230 – Starting at $17,499
  • FISHPRO SCOUT 130 – Starting at $14,299
  • FISHPRO SPORT 170 – Starting at $16,499
  • FISHPRO TROPHY 170 – Starting at $19,599

Luxury Touring PWC

These are the ultimate PWCs with all the bells and whistles, designed for maximum comfort and convenience with performance power.

  • GTX 170 – Starting at $13,999
  • GTX 230 – Starting at $14,999
  • GTX 300 – Starting at $16,699
  • GTX LIMITED 300 – Starting at $18,899

Performance PWC

Designed to reach the highest top speed with fast acceleration these machines are made for more aggressive handling, riding and watery terrain. 

  • GTR 230 – Starting at $13,299
  • RXT-X 300 – Starting at $18,499
  • RXP-X 300 – Starting at $16,499
  • RXP-X APEX 300 – Starting at $20,999

If you’re ready to ride some waves, then we’ve got something for you! Contact us to learn more about Sea-Doo personal watercraft pricing which is subject to change, ownership and care.