01 - advice for the ideal seao-doo day

Advice for the Ideal Sea-Doo Day

Your Sea-Doo has made life wonderful. How could things possibly improve? We’re pleased you asked because we’re putting up the ideal recipe to elevate your trips. What you’ll need is as follows:

Your Own Tune

Music is a necessary component for the ideal day on the water, and there are many methods to discover the soundtrack that matches your style and experience. You may turn up the volume and the thrill with the beautifully rich sound of fantastic Sea-Doo audio selections, from your personal playlists to our curated playlists that are already established on the Sea-Doo Spotify channel.

Food & Beverages

Bring along lots of food to replenish your energy and keep you going throughout the day. You can bring almost any type of refreshments, from a fast snack to a complete dinner, along for the journey with Sea-Doo LinQ coolers and cooler bags. So prepare a quick pasta salad or carry some fruit for a quick supper at your preferred sandbar or beach.

Family & Friends

Your Sea-Doo is likely to be a part of some incredible memories and adventures. Instead of merely telling people about them, wouldn’t you rather share them with them? Additionally, you can keep track of the entire crew—including the one person who is always the last one to hit the water—using the BRP GO! app. To ensure that no one is left behind, you can even schedule rides and pit breaks for the entire team.

Sun Protection

Increasing your Sea-Doo fun usually entails spending more time in the sun and on the water. To make the most of that time, the appropriate protection is essential. Make sure you’re equipped with a cap, sunglasses, and the right skin protection, such as a Sea-Doo rash guard shirt with UV protection integrated, or lots of sunscreen. Hey, nobody wants to look like a lobster when they get home!

Keep a Record

You may always brag about how amazing your most recent PWC trip was, but did it really happen if you don’t TikTok it? Whether you’re doing it for Instagram or gathering evidence to support your most recent fish tale, make sure your phones, GoPros, and cameras are charged and have enough of memory cards ready. You will require them!