for LARGE Dogs up to 80lbs

Commercial Class, Durable-Comfort™ for Pet Hotels & Resorts

Our ProEdge™ Orthopedic Pet Sofa is made with commercial grade upholstery, providing easy-to-clean, durable comfortable for
pet hotels & resorts.

Our vegan leather is more than 50% heavier than standard pet sofa upholstery. It is tested to resist tearing, ripping, clawing and puncturing


Our Durable-Comfort™ upholstery paired with reinforced wood-frame construction creates the foundation of our Anxiety-Calming Secure Sleep Design

Product Care

For simple easy cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water or spray cleaner or disinfectant.

It is not recommended to clean with a power washer or high powered spray tool.

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