Water sports like jet skiing will give you just the appropriate amount of adrenaline. Jet skiing is a fantastic way to find stunning beaches, undiscovered bays, and sunsets. Do you ever consider the evolution of the jet ski? If so, you are in the proper location. Learn more about the history of jet skis and all that came before by reading on.

How It Began

The first personal watercraft appeared in the early 1950s. To transition from the road to the water, motorcycle manufacturers developed water scooters. The water scooters were initially produced in Europe, but sales weren’t as strong as anticipated.

In the 1960s, Clayton Jacobsen was born. Aussie Clayton Jacobsen developed his initial prototype in 1965. He created another prototype a year later. He was contacted by Bombardier Corporation. Clayton and Bombardier collaborated to develop the first Sea-Doo. Sea-Doo was not durable over time. It was finally dismantled in 1970.

Clayton remained persistent. He kept honing the stand-up model. He struck a deal to develop a stand-up watercraft with Kawasaki after his Bombardier license agreement ended.

Jet Ski

The initial, commercially successful Jet Ski type was introduced by Kawasaki in 1973. This type, known as the Kawasaki JS400 Jet Ski, sold more than 200,000 copies. During this period, jet skis were widely used in coastal communities and vacation spots.

Best Brands

Sea-Doo was made by Bombardier Recreational Products. It was created by Clayton Jacobson and had a 25 mph 320cc engine. After severing ties with BPR in 1988, Sea-Doo made a comeback. Later on, the product would become more well-known due to the appeal of the cost. And then came Kawasaki. Today, Kawasaki is among the priciest brands. Their jet skis have a reputation for being fast and stylish. Jet skis are now utilized for both recreational and business activities, such as jet ski rentals.

Yamaha debuted the WaveRunner 500 in 1986. In 1986, Honda unveiled the AquTrax, which was well-received.

Jet ski models

The demand for jet skis has increased dramatically. To fulfill various purposes, this has resulted in the development of numerous different types of jet skis. You can now ride one without owning one. In Myrtle Beach, jet ski rentals are widely available. Among the most well-liked models are these:

Jet skis for recreation

The recreational jet ski is the most widely used type. These skis are renowned for their remarkable speed, agility, and storage capacity (up to 60 mph).

Upscale Jet Skis

For those seeking greater comfort and power, these are ideal. They have a top speed of 66 mph.

Recreational Jet Skis

Rec-lite is a very new category, and only Sea-Doo or Yamaha sell it. They have a top speed of 50 mph and are less expensive, but they are slower than the typical rec-lite.

Jet Skis by Tow Sports

Tow sports jet skis are designed for families that want to take their kids wakeboarding or skiing. There are not many choices.

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