Six Steps for Getting a Jet Ski Ready For Summer

Six Steps for Getting a Jet Ski Ready For Summer

Personal watercraft (PWC) and jet ski owners have been waiting patiently for this time of year. No more need to wait. Now that summer is here, it’s time to wake them up from their winter sleep. Here are the steps you have to take to get them up and running.

General Stuff

After you take the cover off, the first thing you need to do is check the fuel line and the cooling lines. You want to make sure that the winter did not cause any cracks or leaks. A broken fuel line can leave you stranded on the water in a hurry. While you’re at it, make sure none of the wires or belts are loose or broken. Change as necessary.


Next, wash away all the dust and clean out the exhaust pipe. Put a good coat of wax on the outside while you’re at it.

Non-General Stuff

Now you want to talk about certain things.


Fuel and oil that were left in the machine while it was being stored should be drained and replaced with new fuel and oil. You should treat the gas with a marine fuel treatment or stabilizer if possible. The detergents in the fuel treatment will help remove any deposits that may have built up in the system over the winter.


Look for rust or moisture on the spark plug. If you kept it covered over the winter, the moisture might not have been a problem, but rust might have been.


Coat and seal all bearings with grease. This makes sure that dirt and other things that shouldn’t be in the engine don’t get in there.


Don’t forget about your battery. Make sure it has enough power. You’re all set to go!