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Everything About Marina Etiquette

A negative encounter at the marina has the potential to completely destroy an otherwise amazing day spent on the water. The majority of marinas will be completely full with boaters eager to launch and moor their vessels on days that are particularly chaotic. When navigating a marina full of boats, you’re going to need to bring a lot of patience with you. In addition to this, it is important to acquire the right etiquette for using a marina. You definitely don’t want to be one of the numerous individuals that show up at the marina on a busy day and have no idea how to handle yourself there. Learn more about marina etiquette here.

Go Slowly

It is not recommended that you approach the marina by pulling up at full speed in order to dock your boat. You should be mindful of your speed at all times, regardless of how packed the area is. You wouldn’t drive into a parking lot at fifty miles per hour, which would make others’ lives more difficult and put them in harm’s way. You should show the same respect while you are drawing your boat into the dock; doing so will reduce the likelihood that you may smash into someone or hurt someone else. As you get closer, reduce your speed and proceed with extreme care until you are safely moored. You should also try to avoid making massive wakes since they might cause other boats to become unsettled.

Keep it Moving

You wouldn’t hang around at the gas station after you’d finished filling up your tank, and for the same reason, you shouldn’t do so after you’ve finished refueling your boat at the marina. Be careful to get everyone out of the water as soon as you are ready to enter it. Keep traffic flowing for the benefit of others around you, whether you are pulling away from the dock or making your way back to your boat spot for the evening. If there are other people on the water attempting to navigate their own vessel around yours so that they may dock or fuel up, you should avoid taking up space while they are doing so.

Get Rid of That Dock

If you aren’t cautious while you’re docking your boat, you can end up blocking the way for other people to stroll with the bow of your vessel. You are able to prevent this from happening by using spring lines to regulate the velocity of your vessel as it rotates around the dock. You also have the option of practicing stern-to-dock, which will prevent your bow from hanging over the side of the boat.

After you have successfully moored your boat, you need to pay attention to the safety of your valuables. You shouldn’t leave your stuff all sprawled around. Before you depart, make sure that your ropes are coiled up properly, and don’t leave any trash or food that might potentially generate an odor behind. The area of the dock that surrounds your boat needs to be clean and unobstructed for other people to stroll on.

Respect Each Other

Remember to treat other people with the same level of respect that you would want to receive from them. This adage is also applicable to the proper behavior expected at marinas. You should avoid behaving in the same manner if you want to avoid the aggravation that comes from having to deal with rowdy boaters who play loud music and have parties. If you notice that the prevailing vibe of the marina is one of calm and serenity, it is important that you show respect for it. You are welcome to converse quietly with others and take in the beauty of the setting sun without creating a disturbance for the people around you.

Turn Off When Done

Last but not least, before you go for the night, make sure that everything is turned off. This covers radios and televisions with VHF bands, as well as stereo systems. In addition to this, you should make it a priority to switch off any electronic equipment that may be producing distracting sounds. Be careful to turn off all of the lights so that you do not generate light pollution that will prevent people from being able to enjoy stargazing or blind others who are coming in at night.